The following is a notice of upcoming meetings of the ABC Water District and minutes of past meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

Special Meeting on 10/20/2020 (cancelled) [PDF]

Special Meeting on 9/15/2020 [PDF]

Special Meeting on 8/18/2020 [PDF]

Special Meeting on 7/30/2020 (cancelled) [PDF]

Special Meeting on 6/10/2020 [PDF]

Regular Meeting on 5/19/2020 [PDF]

2020 Regular Meeting Schedule [PDF]

Regular Meeting on 7/18/2019 (updated)  [PDF]

2019 Regular Meeting Schedule  [PDF]

Meeting Minutes

ABC 2018 Minutes  [PDF]

ABC 2017 Minutes  [PDF]

ABC 2016 Minutes  [PDF]

ABC 2014 Minutes  [PDF]

ABC 2013 Minutes  [PDF]

ABC 2012 Minutes  [PDF]

ABC 2011 Minutes  [PDF]

ABC 2010 Minutes  [PDF]